How to Promote Your Offer on the Affiliate Advertising Club

A few days ago I received an email from a member of the Affiliate Marketing Club who wanted to know how to promote an affiliate link.

More specifically, the question was about how to post and track an affiliate link on an advertising platform.

In spite of the question, my reply did not cover how to track an affiliate link when posting it directly on an advertising platform.

Why not?

Well, I believe there are three important reasons why you shouldn’t directly advertise your affiliate link on sites like the Affiliate Advertising Club or any other traffic exchange or ad platform.

That’s what I discuss in the video:

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Posting Affiliate Links On Traffic Exchanges & Safelists

1) Does Your URL Render In Frames? When you post your affiliate link directly on those platforms, your site may appear in a frame. Unfortunately, frames do not always render websites properly, resulting in empty spaces or error messages. As a result, you end up wasting your credits. So, it’s best to avoid directly promoting your affiliate link on those types of platforms.

Even if your affiliate link renders properly on an ad site, it is still not an effective strategy for you to adopt. It’s the lazy-marketers’ approach to marketing. The trouble is, ad site surfers have likely seen the same affiliate link hundreds of times before. By not offering anything new or unique, you’re not capturing their attention.

2) Instead, I recommend that you create a unique lead-capture page page where you can share an offer and invite visitors to join your list. By doing this, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd and have a much more effective business strategy. The resource I recommend for your lead capture pages is Leadsleap. Leadsleap lead capture pages are designed to render properly in frames, so you won’t waste your ad credits when you use them to direct traffic to pages you have created on Leadsleap.

Build Your List First And (If You Do It Right) The Ca$h Will Follow

What you need to understand about Internet marketing is this: It is crucial to build your list first. Many people fail at internet marketing because they’re too focused on making a quick sale. However, rushing to promote your affiliate link without building a relationship with your audience is a recipe for failure. And the place to build that relationship is your mailing list.

Building your list allows you to provide value to your subscribers, show them who you are, and sell on the back end when they have become familiar with you. Sure, it takes more work in the beginning, but it is far more effective in bringing in sales in the long run.

3) Another important aspect is personally branding your lead-capture page. By adding your photo and name to your lead-capture page, you let people know they’re opting into a page run by a real person. This personal touch helps establish trust and connection with your audience, and builds your “brand” as an Internet marketing expert.

So, to sum it up, remember these three tips:

  1. Avoid directly promoting your affiliate link on traffic exchanges, safelists, and other ad sites.
  2. Focus on building unique opt-in pages to build your list.
  3. Consider personally branding your opt-in page for added authenticity.

Good luck in your marketing efforts!


David Hurley

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