How I Earned $56 From A Banner Ad On AffiliateAdvertisingClub

I just popped out a video tonight about a nice little sale I picked up from a banner ad I posted on the AffiliateAdvertising.Club website.

I made the banner ad on Canva and pointed it to a lead capture page (NOT directly to an affiliate link) that I made on the excellent Leadsleap marketing platform. Someone clicked the banner, opted in to my mailing list, and then bought the offer. 🙂

How Do I Know I Got The Sale From AAC?

How do I know that the sale came from the Affiliate Advertising Club? Because every move through my marketing funnel was tracked. I used Leadsleap to build my funnel and supply the tracking links.

So the path looks like this:

  1. Post a unique banner ad on AffiliateAdvertisingClub.
  2. Someone clicks the banner ad and lands on my lead capture page.
  3. He opts in to my mailing list.
  4. He sees the offer on the bridge page OR in the email follow up.
  5. He clicks through to the MyTrafficPowerline sign up page…
  6. He signs up and upgrades.
  7. BOOM! I get a sales notification and earn $56 in commission. 🙂

Nice and easy, once everything is set up!

Here’s the video I made to walk you through the tracking process so you can see how I know where the sale came from:

Video Transcript

Hi folks, David of here, and in this video I’m going to talk about how you can use the AffiliateAdvertising.Club to get referrals onto your mailing list, and then get sales – because that’s what happened to me. Now I can show evidence, and that’s what I want to do in this video, and I’ll show you the path I took.

Promote Your Lead Capture Page, Not An Affiliate Link

Now one thing I don’t do when I’m posting ads on a site like this is just stick the affiliate link onto this site. Instead, I use this funnel here, which I didn’t make myself. My sponsor in My Traffic Powerline made this page and I got the share codes from him. I’m promoting this one on the affiliate advertising Club:

Click the image to go to the lead capture page

But I’m not promoting it straight. Again, I’m not just showing them this link. I’m using banner ads, and I found that my Banner ads have been quite effective in getting leads onto that mailing list.

My Banner Ads

I’ll show you my banner ad. So, I’ve got my banner ads here, and these two are my banner ads. Very simple banner ads. I made them myself over on, just using a background shot, a background image, and a bit of blurb, and a little button with “Show Me!” and that’s it. It takes two minutes to make… maybe five minutes!

Anyway, I put up these banners and as you can see, I’ve been getting quite a few clicks through from people who see these banners on the Affiliate Advertising Club.

Now, my feeling was that the top banner was the more effective, and these two banners together are the most effective [of all my ads on this site]. (I also have a square banner which does okay. That’s for my “Get More Sales” marketing funnel.)

I Get A Sale From The Second Banner

…but these two banners are for my MyTrafficPowerline funnel, and I got a sale off one of these banners.

Somebody clicked banner two, and they came to see the page that I just showed you [above]. They entered their email, clicked the link, and joined my list. They were taken over to a bridge page.

Now I can show them on my mailing list if we go inside Leadsleap. It’s this one here, on my list 4th of November, and it’s aac2. That’s the source. I’m concealing the email address for privacy, but it’s this one here, aac2:

Then, I got an email from MyTrafficPowerline telling me that I had made a sale. In fact, I’d made a sale that had earned me $56 in commission. So, I popped over to MyTrafficPowerline. I logged in and I found out that this was the sale here. Now, I’m concealing the email address, but it is actually the same email address, and that’s how I knew where the sale had come from.

Now, if you’ve got eagle eyes, you’ll see that it says here the sale and activation came on November 3rd, but my list has the same guy registering on November 4th. That’s because I live in Japan. Leadsleap is tied to my Japan time, so it’s Tokyo time, whereas MyTrafficPowerline is somewhere-in-America-time, I guess. That’s why there is a disparity in the date.


However, if you track your ads and if you use this method, you post a banner ad (you could post a text ad as well, of course), and point the banner ad… make it a unique banner ad with an appeal, something that will appeal to the people who are surfing on the AffiliateAdvertisingClub.

They like money, and they also like crypto, and they like business offers that are going to make them a lot of money.

And incidentally, this figure [$9,304.25] is a true and verifiable figure. I’ll perhaps make another video about that, but this is actually what my sponsor achieved in three days. $9,000+ in three days. Not too bad. It’s a very attractive offer to people in the AffiliateAdvertisingClub.

If you track it through, you’ll know that your sales are coming from the AffiliateAdvertisingClub. Or if you track your sales, if you track your path, use a tracker as you can with Leadsleap, then you can find out where the sale came from and even which banner ad the sale came from.

So, I think that’s pretty cool.

And I’m well pleased to see how the advertising is effective on the AffiliateAdvertisingClub. That’s earned me an extra $56 in addition to what I’ve actually been earning on the site. Not as much as many of the top dogs, but you can’t complain about $127 in commissions considering the site’s had a few hiccups during the launch and that several of my ad packs have already doubled. I’ve ploughed all that back into advertising on this site because, obviously, the advertising here works.

Okay folks that’s it from me for now, David Hurley of – if you like what I just showed you, and you’re not yet a member of either of those sites, pop down and have a look at the links below and I’ll see you on the inside as they say.

+++ End of Transcript +++


David Hurley


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