5 Steps To Maximizing Profits And Minimizing Risk With The Affiliate Advertising Club

1. Get Ready For The Launch

Nobody can buy Affiliate Advertising Club ad packs until the launch, Tuesday 24th October 2023, 11am EST. You can deposit crypto from Sunday 22nd October, 9am.

I expect things to go crazy on launch day, so I recommend that you prepare for action by depositing some crypto on the site (I’m going to make a demo video about that in the next 48 hours or so). Then, as soon as possible after the site opens for business, buy at least one ad pack.

2. Ad Packs Will Rotate Very Fast In The Early Days

Each newly purchased ad pack goes into the bottom of the straight-line “matrix” and when it gets to the top it will double your money (assuming there are enough funds in the system for it to do so – the system will slow down or speed up dependng on the ratio of FUNDS/ad packs)

I expect the rotation to be extremely fast in the first few days, very fast in the first few weeks, fast in the first few months, and then gradually to slow down over time.

3. How To Reduce Your Exposure To Risk And Maximize Your Profits

You can set your ad packs to auto-rotate so they can double again and again…

HOWEVER, it is important to reduce your downside risk by withdrawing profits as soon as possible.

I suggest letting your ad pack double 3, then taking out twice what you put in. Then use the balance to purchase 1 or 2 new ad packs and rinse and repeat.

Example: You buy a $10 ad pack and set it to “auto repurchase”. The pack cycles through the single line matrix twice. $10 x 2 x 2 = $40. Then you turn off “auto repurchase,” withdraw $20, and buy a $20 ad pack.

Now you have ZERO OUT OF POCKET RISK and have made a $10 profit. So now you can either continue to “rinse and repeat” or you can let the ad pack redouble several more times to try and get bigger profits. That will depend on your appetite for risk.

4. IMPORTANT! You Have To Log In And Click Ads Every Day!

Your ad pack will only mature if you log in every day and perform some basic ad clicking. In that way, the site will generate a lot of traffic for the members, so it will be well worth using the ad credits to promote your business. (I recommend that you send traffic to a unique lead capture page so that you can build your mailing list. Use Leadsleap to create your own lead capture pages and list.)

5. REMEMBER: You Do Not Own Or Control The Program!

Always keep in mine that we have no control over the life-span of the AffiliateAdvertisingClub website – or any other website that we don’t own – so take profits early, and only put in crypto you can afford to lose.

The site has been well thought through and the single-line matrix for ad packs means only ONE ad pack will mature at a time, so that keeps things under control (unlike previous attempts at this sort of thing).

So I expect the program to last for a long time, but at the same time there is no guarantee that the site will still be here tomorrow. So do not be one of those people who puts in more than they can afford to lose. The first priority is to reduce your exposure to risk by taking profits early. Once you have done that, you can punt for big time gains with the assets you have built up on the site.

I believe that if we follow these guidelines we can maximise our profit potential while minimizing downside risk.

Enjoy the ride!


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